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SunTank Solar Geysers – 10-Year Warranty-Supply

The product warranty applies only to defects that occurred during the manufacturing process due to faulty materials and workmanship.

Solar Storage Tank

Pressure cylinder: 10-years against leaks and mechanical failures

Electric components: 1-year

Safety TP valve: 1-year

This is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The storage tank must be installed according to the SunTank’s instructions.
  2. An approved 400kPa Pressure Control valve and expansion relief valve must be used on the mains cold supply.
  3. Water conditions must be equivalent to supply by main metropolitan authorities in South Africa.
  4. Sacrificial anodes must be serviced at least every 2 years by a SunTank authorised technician. Service must be recorded with the SunTank office.

Solar Collector Panel

Solar panel: 10-years against leaks and mechanical failures

This is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The installation must be done within the guidelines given by the SunTank.
  2. Freezing damage is not covered by the warranty. In regions with potential freezing conditions, the panel must only be installed with the Indirect heat-exchange storage tank where the heat-transfer fluid is Propylene glycol antifreeze.
  3. In Direct systems where the heat-transfer medium is water, SunTank shall not be held responsible for clogging or damage of the solar panel due to poor water quality.
  4. Any damage to the glass is not covered by this warranty.

Solar Geyser Installation

Installations carried out by teams employed by SunTank carry the following warranty:

Workmanship: 1-year from date of invoice

Pipes, fittings, valves and accessories: Subject to warranties offered by their respective manufacturers

Please note:

  • Indirect systems require a periodical top-up of heat-transfer antifreeze fluid to maintain performance. This can be carried out by the customer or by a SunTank service team. This service is chargeable and does not form part of the warranty.
  • Damage to the system caused by forces of nature (e.g. lightning, hailstorm, fire etc) is not covered by SunTank’s warranty.
  • All components must only be changed by a SunTank technician or SunTank authorised technicians.

Warranty is valid only when presented with a SunTank invoice or other proof of purchase

Solar geyser installation quote is calculated based on the information provided by the customer and includes:
• Solar geyser system unit as selected by the customer
• Standard 5 meters of pipework and thermal insulation, unless ordered extra
• Delivery of the solar geyser system to site
• Installation of the solar geyser system – positioning and securing onto the roof
• Full connection to water and electricity and commissioning; pressure-testing and filling antifreeze (when applicable)

The customer’s responsibilities include:
• Clearly marking the position where the solar geyser system is to be installed
• Providing balanced 400kPa pressure cold water connection, nearby the geyser position
• Providing electrical Isolator switch connection, nearby the geyser position

The following items shall incur additional charge (if not in place):
• Extra pipework and thermal insulation over and above the 5 meters provided for in the standard package
• Installation of a 400kPa pressure control valve, in case no valve or current valve is unsuitable  

Time and travel charges may apply for delivery or installation outside of normal installation areas
Quote is valid for 30 days.

SunTank does not take liability for pluming problem (leaks, pressure, noisy pipes etc.) that may arise in the existing plumbing pipes and fittings. SunTank does not take responsibility for roof leaks apart from the direct area of the solar geyser installation.