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Routine Service Booking

SunTank’s Existing Customers – Book a Routine Service

Dear SunTank customer,
We trust you have been making good use and enjoying the benefits of your SunTank solar geyser system.

The unmatched SunTank 10-year warranty for installations (carried out from 2011 onwards) is subject to a periodical Routine Service. The purpose of the service is to optimise the performance of your system and to extend its lifespan. Services can be carried out by SunTank (Gauteng Only) or by a SunTank authorised technician.

Services should take place, depending on the installation option type as follows:
1. Every 2-years: Thermosyphon, natural heat-circulation between the panels and the tank.
2. Every 1-year: Pump-driven, forced circulation between the panels and the tank.

The Routine service on the tank and the panels includes:
• General visual inspection and fault-detection
• Top-up of the antifreeze heat-transfer fluid (glycol) – in ‘Indirect’ systems
• Replacement of the protective sacrificial anodes in the tank
• Inspection of electrical components
• Inspection of the state of roof waterproofing – and maintenance if necessary
• Confirmation of the soundness of the mounting structures – and maintenance if necessary
• Cleaning and re-certifying the installation

Routine Service carried by SunTank (In Gauteng only) prices are:
– 100L (1 panel): R 1,282
– 200L (2 panel): R 1,415
– 300L (3 panels): R 1,537
– 400L (4 panels): R1,657
(VAT Included)
* If you are unsure of the size of your system or require additional information, please contact us.

Banking Details: Banking Details: Account Name: Residential Fashions t/a SunTank Bank: Mercantile Bank Account: 1051044308 Branch:450105

To book your service please email us your details and attach the Proof of Payment (POP) to

Alternatively, complete the form below, upload your POP and submit

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

As soon as payment is reflected in our account, we will arrange we will liaise with you for your service.

Please remind yourself to book your future periodic Routine Services and contact us on or call (012) 006-5094.

Thank you once again for choosing SunTank and enjoy the benefits of South Africa’s top solar geyser system for many years to come.

Warranty form – download

User Manual – download