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SunTank – Factory

The SunTank factory in Pretoria is the most technologically advance speciality facility in South Africa for making entire complete solar geyser systems.

SunTank Solar Tanks – World Leadership in Stainless Steel Fabrication

Since the turn of the century, our engineering and production teams have mastered the craft of fabricating geysers that last longer and perform better. These are some of the technologies and techniques pioneered by SunTank:

  • The use of Stainless-steel 441, Grade 1.4509 for manufacturing of solar geysers. This grade of Stainless-steel was developed in South Africa specially to handle extreme heat and pressure. Making solar geysers with this metal prevents corrosion problems often experienced in geysers made from mild steel.
  • A world-first is SunTank’s Double-weld system. This unique manufacturing technique employs state of the art welding systems that enable external and internal welds to deliver a pressure cylinder unmatched in strength and longevity.
  • The SunTank Indirect solar geysers with the Double-jacket heat exchanger are carefully designed and accurately manufactured for superior heat transfer performance and durability like no other.
  • SunTank’s post-fabrication weld treatment system was developed over the years using the wealth of experience accumulated. Our engineers are a leading authority in the field of Stainless-Steel treatment to ensure long term performance and functional longevity.

SunTank Solar Panel Collectors – Cost efficient and Long Lasting

The SunTank flat-plate solar collectors optimise the cost efficiency of this technology with the toughness and ruggedness demanded by the extreme working conditions presented by the South African climate. These are the main features of the SunTank collector panels:

  • SunTank’s solar thermal absorber panel technology is made up of a copper pipe manifold with headers and rises. In a unique technology developed in-house, an ultra-thin copper fin is soldered onto the manifold and blackened on its one side.
  • The manifold is housed in an innovative Roll-formed lightweight aluminium frame that contributes to the technical superiority of the SunTank solar panel. The panel casing is injection-moulded with Polyurethane for insulation and strength and is unaffected by time, UV radiation or humidity.
  • The collector is covered with a tempered solar glass sheet that offers a combination of protection with best radiation transmission technology.

SunTank also makes Stainless-steel stands, frames and brackets for its solar geyser systems for pitch roofs and flat roof installations.

All the main components of the solar system; tanks, panels and stands carry a 10-years Warranty and are designed to last much longer after that.