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Installation option types

Solar panels must always face North or alternatively NW/NE.
Installation of a SunTank solar geyser system can be configured in either:

Close-coupled – Tank and panels are mounted together on a single stand, where the tank is higher than the panels – on a pitch roof or a flat roof stand.

The heat transfer between the panels and the tank then takes place through a natural, thermosyphon circulation. Advantages of this installation option include:
⦁ Most reliable
⦁ Simple and easy to maintain
⦁ Least heat loss between the panels and the tank
⦁ Cheapest option to install

Split – When Close-coupled is not possible due to aesthetic preference or Estate regulations, the tank and the panels can be split, where the panels are outside on a pitch or flat roof stand, and the tank can be placed anywhere.

The heat circulation in a Split installation can be designed to be either thermosyphon or pump-driven.
For the thermosyphon pitch-roof option to be possible the height in the roof void should be high enough to lift and fix the tank so it is higher than the panels outside.

In other cases, in the pump-driven option, the tank can be installed inside or outside the house, horizontally or vertically. Advantages of this installation option include:
⦁ Better aesthetic
⦁ Versatility of places to conceal the tank
⦁ Option to choose the superior Vertical tank

Installation options types

Close-coupled, Pitch roof, Natural, Thermosyphon heat-circulation Installation

  • Close-Coupled-PitchRoof-1
  • Close-Coupled-PitchRoof-2
  • Close-Coupled-PitchRoof-3
  • Close-Coupled-PitchRoof-5
  • Close-Coupled-PitchRoof-6
  • Close-Coupled-PitchRoof-7
  • Close-Coupled-PitchRoof-8
  • Close-Coupled-PitchRoof-9-1
  • Close-Coupled-PitchRoof-9-2
  • Close-Coupled-PitchRoof-9

Close-coupled, Flat roof, Natural, Thermosyphon heat-circulation Installation

  • Thermosyphon-heat-circluation-installation-1
  • Thermosyphon-heat-circluation-installation-2
  • Thermosyphon-heat-circluation-installation-3
  • Thermosyphon-heat-circluation-installation-4
  • Thermosyphon-heat-circluation-installation-5
  • Thermosyphon-heat-circluation-installation-6
  • Thermosyphon-heat-circluation-installation-7

Split, Pitch/ Flat roof, Natural, Thermosyphon heat-circulation Installation

  • heat-circluation-installation-9
  • heat-circluation-installation-8
  • heat-circluation-installation-7
  • heat-circluation-installation-6
  • heat-circluation-installation-5
  • heat-circluation-installation-4
  • heat-circluation-installation-3
  • heat-circluation-installation-2
  • heat-circluation-installation-1

Split, Pitch/ Flat roof, Pump-driven, Forced, heat-circulation Installation

  • circluation-installation-1
  • circluation-installation-2
  • circluation-installation-7
  • circluation-installation-8
  • circluation-installation-9
  • circluation-installation-10
  • circluation-installation-11
  • circluation-installation-12