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Solar geysers – manufactured, delivered, installed and serviced by South Africa’s leading solar company at prices anyone can afford!

Why SunTank?

Established in 1994, SunTank is today South Africa’s leading solar heating company. Our business model of selling directly from manufacturer to end user is making our offering the most competitive in the country by far.

The company is the technology developer and the manufacturer of SunTank solar geysers and provides the installations as well as the after sales service for the products manufactured, giving you the full product and installation warranty from one supplier who is South Africa’s leading solar heating manufacturer. The entire supply chain, including installations, is governed by a quality management system, giving you a level of assurance which you can not find in the country otherwise. The technical and business leadership of the company is bringing in a wealth of experience in the field.

SunTank systems are made in South Africa. This ensures availability of spare parts as well as creates jobs and develops skill in the country.  

SunTank  is a leader in the implementation of Stainless Steel technology  for solar heating.
This is by far the most advanced technology in water heating, giving you peace of mind for years to come. 

SunTank’s in-house engineering department is ready to address your specific design requirements and oversee the quality of your installation. 
SunTank’s representatives and technicians are all trained in-house, ensuring maximum quality control and the highest level of accountability to you.  
SunTank is a leading force in the drive for a more diverse and competitive energy market in South Africa. Solar water heating has been singled-out as a major renewable, clean energy technology that significantly benefits homeowners.

SunTank assumes the leadership role in ensuring the rights of South Africans to benefit from the country’s renewable energy sources, and in particularly solar energy that is so abundant in our land.


Why should you install solar water heating?

Save money – A SunTank solar heating system can save you close to 50% of you monthly electricity bill. 
Be self-sufficient – With a solar water heating system you will have hot water even during a power cuts. Price hike of electricity will have limited effect on your monthly hot water bill. 
Protect the Environment – Solar energy is clean energy; no pollution, no adverse affect on global warming and no exploitation of limited natural resources.

Why choose SunTank?

SunTank was established in 1994 and is the leading solar company in South Africa.

manufactures all its solar system in South Africa to meet the unique requirements of the South African environmental conditions.

systems are the most cost efficient solar water heating systems on 
the market.

How does a solar heating system work?

The SunTank solar heating system comprises of a hot water geyser and solar heat collector panels.

The glass-covered collector consists of a flat, black aluminium heat-absorbing plate that is precision-fitted onto a copper manifold.

In an Indirect system an antifreeze fluid circulates in the manifold due to the thermo-siphon effect (in which hot liquid rises) the hot fluid circulates between the collectors and around the geyser transferring heat to the water in the geyser.

In a Direct System water circulates in the manifold and gets stored directly in the geyser. At the end of the day when the sun goes down the hot water are stored in the insulated geyser. 

All SunTank systems are equipped with an electrical heating element as a 

back up, controlled by a thermostat for those odd days when the sun’s energy 

is insufficient for water heating.

How do I decide the size of my SunTank system?

Generally speaking you should choose the largest system you can afford. 

The number of people in your household and their hot water consumption habits determine the size of the SunTank system that you would need. 

As a rule-of-thumb, an average person consumes 50 litres of hot water per day.

Will I have hot water at night?

SunTank systems are designed to supply hot water 24 hours a day. 

The hot water collected during the day is retained in the geyser. The insulated geyser is perfectly capable of keeping the water hot overnight.

What happens in winter?

You will continue to have hot water in winter because a solar heating collector absorbs heat from the sun’s radiation and not from direct heat. 

However, during cloudy conditions, SunTank’s standard electrical back up could be activated to ensure a constant supply of hot water.

Will a hailstorm damage the panels?

SunTank’s collector panels are covered with hail resistant glass.

What happens in freezing weather?

If you live in an area where freezing conditions occur, SunTank will install an indirect system. 

With this system, an antifreeze fluid circulates in a closed-circuit system between the solar collectors and a heat exchanger around the geyser’s inner cylinder. 

The heat exchanger then transfers the heat from the fluid to the water in the geyser

How hot does the water get with solar heating?

SunTank systems are designed and sized to heat water to 60ºC (as do conventional electrical geysers). Backup heater is included with the installation to assist when necessary.

What savings will I get on my electricity bill with a SunTank system?

In the average home almost 50% of the electricity consumption is attributed to heating water. 

SunTank system is capable of saving you up to 80% of the water heating costs, thereby reducing your electricity bill by nearly half.

What is the life expectancy of my SunTank system?

SunTank systems are made of the finest non-corrosive raw materials and are designed to last 20 years or more with regular maintenance.

What are the SunTank installation options?

SunTank domestic systems come in various configurations designed to meet a diverse range of needs and requirements. 

For ease of installation, good reliability and minimum maintenance requirements choose 
On-roof installation (1)

The In-roof installation (2) option is designed for visually sensitive homeowners. 

For versatile options of positioning the solar geyser choose Pump-driven installations (3)
This option comes with electrical pumps or solar pumps. 
Close-coupled System (On-roof) 

The solar panels and the geyser are both mounted on top of the roof.

– Ensure efficiency, simplicity and reliability of the solar system. 

– Easy access for maintenance.


Split System (In-roof)

The solar panels are mounted on top of the roof and the geyser is placed inside the roof.

Used when homeowner prefers the geyser not to be visible on the roof.

– Requires sufficient roof space.

Pump-driven System 

The solar panels are on top of the roof and geyser is placed anywhere, inside or outside the house

– Allows maximum versatility in configuration.

– This system includes an additional electrical or solar water pump and a control unit.

What are the basic requirements needed to install a solar system?

To achieve the best results from a SunTank system, the following requirements need to be in place: 
– A solid roof, pitched or flat 
– The roof should be exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day
– The solar collectors should be placed tilted, facing north

Are there any maintenance requirements?

The maintenance of a SunTank system is minimal.

With no moving parts, the system is designed to work uninterrupted with only the following maintenance requirements: 
– Periodical cleaning of the sediment and replacement of the sacrificial anode if required. 
– In Indirect Systems -the anti-freeze fluid in this system needs to be inspected and if necessary
topped-up every two years for maximum efficiently. 
Maintenance can be done by SunTank

What is the SunTank system Guarantee period?

The SunTank system carries a 5-year Guarantee as a standard. 
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